”Grade: A”
Owen Gleiberman, Entertainment Weekly

"It's a movie much like its subject: passionate but deliberate, avoiding sensation but determined to tell the full, true story."
Richard Corliss, TIME

“Kerry’s Apocalypse Now! Butler can be a powerful storyteller. What stares you in the face is the anguish and grief of men who put their lives in the line of fire for a government that undertook a pointless war, mismanaged it, kept it going out of hubris and then abandoned it. Watch this and try not to weep.”

“One of the most anticipated political documentaries of the fall! Going Upriver provides an inspiring portrait of Kerry.”
Liam Lacey, Toronto Globe and Mail

“Penatrating! A must see!”
John Urbancich, The Sun Newspapers

“Stirring! A richly documented history.”
David Ansen, Newsweek

“Butler’s unlimited access yields a mind-blowing amount of archival photographs and film footage, but what’s truly effective is the way he lets the images speak for themselves, rather than manipulating them in a maudlin fashion.”
Christy Lemire, The Associated Press

“Going Upriver [is] that rare bit of filmmaking that might actually illuminate this election. What gives it relevance its Connection to Kerry’s performance in the last Thursday night’s debate. By lavishly detailing Kerry’s anti-Vietnam pedigree, Butler’s documentary are offers historical perspective on the candidate’s full-throated opposition to a conduct of the war in real WAR.”
USA Today

Christian Science Monitor

“Unexpectedly poignant.”
Ethan Alter, TV Guide on-line

“Superbly crafted.”
Jack Mathews, New York Daily News

“A winning portrait.”
Lou Lumenick, New York Post

Jan Stuart, Newsday

“Heartfelt and terrifically edited.”
Stephen Whitty, Newark Star-Ledger

“An exceptional film. A calm, well-researched and thoughtful portrait of both a man and an era. It never rings misleading or untrue. Full of riveting interviews and remarkable archival material – that anyone who intends to vote this November should make every effort to see. Going Upriver would be a fascinating American documentary at anytime. But coming as it does now, amid the storm, thunder and vicious mud-slinging of one of the most heated presidential campaigns ever, this highly dramatic portrait of the first 29 years o the current Democratic presidential candidate’s life – focusing on his successive careers as Vietnam war hero and anti-Vietnam war protestor – is almost essential viewing."
Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

“Required viewing for those with any doubts about who should be our next president.”
Dan Pearson, Daily Southtown

“Butler’s made an important movie.”
Ray Pride, Newcity

“Going Upriver [is] essential viewing for people on all sides of the political spectrum.”
Glenn Whipp, Los Angeles Daily News

“Essential viewing, even if you think you’re decided.”
Los Angles Daily News